The Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon is stated to be "the world's biggest sporting event for children". It is open to anyone aged 7 to 15 and attracts over 11,000 entries in the average year.

Quoting further from the Weet-Bix pack available in summer 2011-2012, "It's where awesome athletes like our Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon Ambassadors - 2010 Youth Olympic Gold Medallist Aaron Barclay and World Champion cyclist Alison Shanks - got their start ...". The pack has photos of Aaron with his gold medal in 2010 and in the TRYathlon in 2002.

Times and places, 2011-2012Edit

(Celebrating 20 years of TRYathlons)

December 2011Edit

February 2012Edit

March 2012Edit

April 2012Edit


Around October 2013, packs started promoting the 2013/2014 TRYathlon. This time, no codes on the boxtops and no sign of non-athletic contests.


Three new venues - Northland, Hibiscus Coast, and Lower Hutt - bring the total to 16, with dates ranging from 9 December to 10 April. The Weet-Bix packs advertising them featured training tips from Valerie Adams.


Another round, first noted on Weet-Bix packs in November 2016 straight after the All Blacks packs ceased. Packs showed different children who had participated in 2015-2016, with a gold medal inscribed "INSPIRING KIWI KIDS FOR 25 YEARS".

Again 16 venues, from Bay of Islands to Dunedin, dates from 4 December to 2 April. Five noted sponsors: ASB, Toyota, Haier, Bikebarn, and Warehouse Stationery.

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