Warrington is a small settlement on the coast of Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand. It is situated close to the northern shore of Blueskin Bay, an area of mudflats north of Dunedin, and is administered as part of Dunedin City. Warrington is 3km from State Highway 1 linked by Coast Road. The Main South Line railway passes through the township, and a tourist train, the Seasider, passes through the settlement once or twice a week between Dunedin and Palmerston.

Warrington has a population of approximately 400. Warrington School is a year 0-8 (ages 5-13) full primary school. Warrington Playcentre is an early childhood centre (ages 0-6). Warrington Beach, a popular surf beach for locals and visitors from the city, is patrolled by volunteer lifeguards of the Warrington Surf Life Saving Club. St Barnabas Church is one of the area's oldest buildings.

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