W3 Rideshare is a ride-sharing service for Waikouaiti, Warrington and Waitati to Dunedin. It is $2 to become a member and there is a recommended koha=donation to the driver of $2 per journey.


Travelling members are identified by orange W3 arm-bands. Driving members are identified by orange W3 signs inside their windscreens.

Pick up pointsEdit

  • Waikouaiti: outside the Library
  • Warrington: Corner of Bank Road and Park Road
  • Waitati: Outside the old "wrought iron" shed, opposite Gallery on Blueskin. (many users wait on the hitch-hiking bay on State Highway 1, around the Waitati corner towards Dunedin)
  • Dunedin central: Outside NZ Blood, corner of St Andrew and Cumberland Streets
  • Dunedin north: At the car yard on the corner of Duke and Great King Streets


Call the Blueskin Bay Library on 482 2444 for details.

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