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1925 General Election
Gordon Coates

Gordon Coates
Harry Holland (1925)

Harry Holland
George William Forbes

George Forbes
Leader Since:
Leaders seat:
Last election:
37 seats
17 seats
22 seats
Seats Won:
55 seats
12 seats
11 seats
Popular Vote:

The New Zealand general election of 1925 was held 4 November (the Māori vote had taken place the previous day) to elect a total of 80 MPs to the 22nd session of the New Zealand Parliament.

A total number of 678,877 (90.02%) voters turned out to vote. In one seat (Bay of Plenty) there was only one candidate.

In 1922, registration as an elector was made compulsory for all those eligible (except Māori).



Layout of Parliament after the 1922 election.

Gordon Coates continued as Prime Minister, with his Reform Party winning an outright majority of 30.

Leonard Isitt and George Witty were both appointed to the Legislative Council by Gordon Coates on 28 October 1925; shortly before the election on 4 November. Both were Liberal Party members, but their retirement removed "a source of some bitterness from the Party's ranks". Gordon Coates was Reform, and both of their former seats went to Reform candidates.

After the election both Labour and Liberals held 11 seats. A tie at 4,900 votes each in Lyttelton (between the Labour and Reform candidates) was eventually settled in Labour's favour on 13 March 1926. After winning the 15 April Eden By-election in 1926, the Labour Party became the official opposition for the first time.

Party totalsEdit

Election results
Party Total votes Percentage Seats won
Reform Party 324,239 47.18 55
Labour Party 187,610 27.30 12
Liberal Party 143,931 20.94 11
Country Party 2,398 0.35 0
Others 29,107 4.24 2
Total 687,285 80


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