1922 General Election
William Ferguson Massey

William Massey
Thomas Wilford

Thomas Wilford
Harry Holland (1925)

Harry Holland
Leader Since:
Leaders seat:
Last election:
43 seats
17 seats
8 seats
Seats Won:
37 seats
22 seats
17 seats
Popular Vote:

The New Zealand general election of 1922 was held on Monday, 6 December in the Māori electorates, and on Tuesday, 7 December in the general electorates to elect a total of 80 MPs to the 21st session of the Parliament of New Zealand. A total number of 700,111 (87.7%) voters turned out to vote.[1] In one seat (Bay of Plenty) there was only one candidate.

1922 was the year residents of the Chatham Islands were enfranchised for the first time (included in Lyttelton and Western Māori electorates).


William Massey formed a government, but with the loss in support for the Reform Party he had to negotiate for support with Independents, and with two Liberal Party members.


Layout of Parliament after the 1922 election.

Liberal was in decline and disorganised. Just before the 1925 election (held on 4 November), two Liberal MPs from Christchurch who had supported Massey (along with Independents Harry Atmore and Allen Bell) were appointed to the Legislative Council. They were Leonard Isitt and George Witty who were both appointed to the Legislative Council by Gordon Coates on 28 October 1925. Both were Liberals and their retirement removed "a source of some bitterness from the Party’s ranks (Coates rewarded them with seats in the Legislative Council the day after the election)". Coates was Reform, and both of their seats went to Reform candidates in 1925.

Party TotalsEdit

Election results
Party Candidates Total votes Percentage Seats won
Reform Party 76 249,735 39.35 37
Liberal Party 56 166,708 26.26 22
Labour Party 41 150,448 23.70 17
Others 39 67,837 10.69 4
Total: 212 634,728 80


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