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1919 General Election
William Ferguson Massey

William Massey
Joseph George Ward

Joseph Ward
Harry Holland (1925)

Harry Holland
Leader Since:
Leaders seat:
Last election:
50 seats
29 seats
5 seats
(as ULP and Soc. Dem)
Seats Won:
45 seats
19 seats
8 seats
Popular Vote:

The New Zealand general election of 1919 was held on Tuesday, 16 December in the Māori electorates, and on Wednesday, 17 December in the general electorates to elect a total of 80 MPs to the 20th session of the Parliament of New Zealand. A total number of 560,673 (80.5%) voters turned out to vote.[1]

In 1919 women won the right to be elected to the House of Representatives. The law was changed late in 1919, and with only three weeks notice, three women stood for Parliament in 1919.

They were Ellen Melville in Grey Lynn, Rosetta Baume in Parnell, and Mrs Aileen Cooke in Thames. Ellen Melville stood for the Reform Party and came second. She stood for Parliament several more times, but while generally polling well she never won a seat.

Party totalsEdit


The makeup of Parliament following the 1919 election.

Election results
Party Candidates Total votes Percentage Seats won
Reform Party 61 197,041 35.63 45
Liberal Party[nb 1] 59 166,675 30.14 19
Labour Party 59 134,094 24.25 8
Independents[nb 2] 55,161 9.98 8
Total valid votes 552,971 80
Informal votes 7,702 1.37
Registered voters 683,420
  1. Includes one MP returned unopposed, and one Independent Liberal
  2. Includes ex-members of the three main parties as well as long-standing Independents


  1. General elections 1853-2005 - dates & turnout. Elections New Zealand. Retrieved on 12 January 2011.
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