1905 General Election

Richard Seddon
William Ferguson Massey

William Massey
Leader Since:
Leaders seat:
Last election:
47 seats
33 seats
Seats Won:
58 seats
22 seats

The New Zealand general election of 1905 was held on Wednesday, 6 December in the general electorates, and on Wednesday, 20 December in the Māori electorates to elect a total of 80 MPs to the 16th session of the Parliament of New Zealand. A total number of 412,702 voters turned out, with 396,657 (83.25% of the electoral roll) voting in the General electorates.


In 1905 a progressive faction within the governing Liberal Party started to form in opposition to Liberal leader Richard Seddon's policies. They announced that they would stand in the election as the New Liberal Party, however an accusation against Seddon's son, when disproven saw most of the dissidents return to the Liberal Party, and of the three New Liberals (Francis Fisher, Harry Bedford and Tommy Taylor) that stood in the election only Fisher was returned.

Reverand Frank Isitt was the Prohibition candidate for several South Island electorates, and came second in two.

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