The New Zealand Go Society (links to official website) has been established for forty years and now has half a dozen active clubs.

The newest formally affiliated club was in Hamilton in 2008. Here is its first press release (now rather dated, but it seems to be the latest available!):

While we are starting small we want to get big!
So everyone is welcome to come and play Go: young, old, strong, weak and beginners!
If anyone who is reading the mailinglist could pass the information about the start of a Hamilton club on to anyone they know who lives in the Waikato it would be greatly appreciated.
There are a few go players in Hamilton that are attempting to start up a club. The first get together was held on Wed 2 April 2008, and had about half a dozen players turn up. At this (early) stage, we are planning on meeting once a month, and seeing if we can get critical mass for a club proper.
at Vagabond, cnr Anglesea & Bryce St.
6pm, first Wednesday of each month
Len Trigg, Mike Keehan - phone (07) 843 9014 (home), or talk to Patrick at Vagabond

External linksEdit

  • Official NZGS website - the old site was swamped with spam, but the Wikia site gets hardly any spam and is the best source of current information.

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