"E te iwi e, Haere mai!"

Maori had inhabited New Zealand before the Europeans came, and are currently living here.

They arrived in Wakas (or large canoes), it is believed around 1200 AD.

Their language is Polynesian and they call it Te Reo Maori, the Maori voice. This is also the name of their tv network.

Auckland is known as Tamaki Makaurau. Battle-lover-hundred i.e. Battle of 100 lovers, it appears the favourable position on the isthmus was much fought over. It is also maori-ized as Akarana.

The name for NZ, Aotearoa, is interpreted as the Land of the long white cloud, but this is not 100% certain to be the meaning.

The maori also call themselves tangata whenua - people of the land. Whenua is pronounced "fen-oo-a", but on the Cook Islands (Kuki Airan) as fenua.

There is a small Maori Wikipedia.

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