Dinosaur fossils in New Zealand is very rare. This is because the dinosaurs in the area are founds only by their fragments and they are not even named. Here is a complete list of dinosaurs that lived in New Zealand. Note that it might have recent changes since new species are being found.

Non Avian DinosaursEdit

  1. Compsognathid
  2. Titanosaur
  3. ornithopod-possibly iguanodontian
  4. theropod
  5. dinosaur-possibly ankylosaur
  6. Ankylosaur
  7. Ceratosaurus
  8. Joan Wiffen's theropod-possibly megalosaurid

Note that Cryolophosaurus 20 foot long Allosaurus like theropod lived near New Zealand. However it cannot be added in the list since it did not lived there.

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