NZ/A is one of 10 1st class nations.

The 1st game to be noticed in print, in the Wellington Spectator, took place there between 2 clubs from the Wellington CC.

The 1st English tour was in 1863.

1894 - a NSW team beat NZ in Christchurch.

1927 tour of England. NZ beats 4 counties and is awarded Test status, but plays only England before 1945.

There are 6 1st class teams.


In England (and Britain) in 2013 NZ

lost both test matches

won 2 out of 3 1- day matches

won the 20/20 match.

England in NZEdit


Test: 2 draws

NZ won 1 of 3 1-day matches

won 1 of 3 2020 matches The 2020 scores:

1. Pom 214 Nz 174 (where 200 is very good)

2. Nz 192 Pom 137

3. Nz 139 Pom 143.

The captain was and is Brendon McCullum.

2014: World T20Edit

See Cricket in NZ/Ao

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