New Zealand is one of the countries where "Coro" is regularly broadcast. It started in 1964. There was a huge outcry when the State-owned channel proposed to stop broadcasting it. Currently it gets an hour (including commercial breaks and a weather forecast) every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm. There have been catch-up periods when it screened on Wednesdays too. Recently TV ONE started broadcasting an omnibus edition at noon on Saturdays.

New Zealand is occasionally mentioned in the script. A handy place to send characters so that viewers don't expect to see them again, or to dredge up "long-lost" relatives without having to explain why they have not been mentioned before.

New Zealand is nearly 14 months behind Britain with "Coro" episodes. (Canada is only 9 months behind.) Vernon Tomlin proposed to Liz McDonald on 3 June 2008, as far as New Zealanders are concerned, but it was really 13 April 2007.

For episodes that have not yet screened in New Zealand, the Coronation Street Wikia has a template that gives you a warning at the top of the page.

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