Strictly speaking, an authority is not an area, but colloquial usage in New Zealand and Australia refers to areas as "councils" or similar.

The main article for this category is Territorial authorities of New Zealand.

Territorial authorities in New Zealand, sorted by their encompassing or overlapping regions, are as per the list in "Territorial authorities of New Zealand". There are 58 district councils, including four unitary authorities, and 16 city councils, including one unitary authority. City and district boundaries do not overlap.

Each territorial authority is a separate legal entity from regional councils, except for unitary authorities, which are territorial authorities also having the functions of a regional council. Also note that some territorial authorities share territory with more than one region, for example, Taupo District Council's territory is overlapped by the areas of four regional councils.

Chatham Islands Council has no encompassing region but has regional functions similar to those of the unitary authorities.

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