This is a collection of New Zealand-related templates. There is no urgency to populate this category, but anyone may create templates based on Wikipedia.

To add a template to this category, use the following code:

[[Category:New Zealand templates|PAGENAME]]

If you add this code at the end of the template, please make sure that the opening <noinclude> starts on the same line as the last character of the template code. Experiments have revealed that some templates become seriously defunct when that rule is violated.

Where a template name starts with 'New Zealand' or 'NZ', please drop this off the front of the name for replacing "PAGENAME"" above (unless it is the name of an organisation which starts with NZ, like NZEI). For example 'Template:New Zealand schools' should appear in the code line like this: [[Category:New Zealand templates|Schools]] (with a capital letter following the pipe). This stops everything in this category ending up in 'N'. Generally speaking, try and list any template so that it will end up where people will look for it if they don't know its exact name.

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