Template:Recent changes category This is a category for all articles on individuals currently known to be living persons.

Purpose: Because living persons may suffer personal harm from inappropriate information, we should watch their articles carefully. This category exists to help Wikia editors improve the quality of biographies of living persons by ensuring that the articles maintain a neutral point of view, maintain factual accuracy, and are properly sourced.

{{selfref|Organization: This category should not be subcategorized. Entries are generally sorted by family name.

Expansion: As per conditions set out in Category:Births of the last 123 years, each individual born after 1884 (if year of birth is absent, earliest period of activity should be extrapolated), whose year of death remains undetermined, should appear in this category. Individuals of advanced age (over 90) for whom no documentation has existed for a reasonable number of years, may be removed from this category and transferred to Category:Possibly living people.
Errata: For any individual born before 1885 whose year of death remains undetermined, please change this category to Category:Year of death missing (the same application should be followed in Category:Possibly living people). For disappeared people, there is a separate Category:Disappeared people.

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Possibly living people, disappeared people and dead people are not included here, including the recently deceased, for which see Category:2007 deaths, 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2003

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